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Ayurvedic Services

Get Ready to Uncover the Root Cause of your Health Issues and Heal from Deep within using the Superpower of Ayurveda. Click learn more to see how Ayurveda can improve your health

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Nutritional Services

Food is a double edged sword and can act as both a medicine or a poison depending on how you use it! Click learn more to see how this service can help you

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Testing Services

I offer a variety of testing services. From Body Composition Analysis, all the way to Gut Health Testing. Click Learn More to browse our testing services

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Benefits of Working with Manjiri

Working with me is very different from working with other Holistic Practitioners. I combine my 15 year experience of Ayurvedic Medicine with Modern Holistic Nutrition to help you uncover the root cause of your health issues

Finding and eliminating the root cause along with resolving factors causing inflammation in your body help you heal completely by lowering your inflammation and balancing your body systems. This gives long term results in place of the common mainstream medical approach of applying a temporary band aid to your mask symptoms

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