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Complete Metabolic Reset

A Unique Program To Help You Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, As Well As Tons of Energy

The Complete Metabolic Reset Program was specially designed to fulfill the lacunae in generic weight loss programs and is catered towards your individual fat loss needs

Targeted Fat Loss

A customized nutritional plan that helps you lose the excess fat reserves you are holding on to

Gain Muscle Mass

Building muscle mass is crucial in weight loss as it helps increase your metabolism

Cortisol Balancing

Cortisol not just impacts weight gain, but also water retention and your immunity

Eliminate Emotional Eating

Uncover your triggers and heal your emotions to gain control over emotional eating

Muscle Gain

While there are a lot of myths floating around about muscle gain making women look bulky, having an optimal muscle mass is essential across both genders and various life stages.

Muscle mass is not only about being toned or looking good. An optimal muscle mass can boost your metabolism, increase your endurance and stamina, support your immune system, prevent injuries, improve your bone strength and density and also improve your cardiac health by improving your blood pressure, resting heart rate and blood lipids- cholesterol and triglycerides

Complete Metabolic Reset focuses on helping you build a healthy muscle mass while ensuring excess fat loss.

Emotional Eating

Do you turn to ice cream every time your heart aches?
Does reaching out for a cookie give you a quick boost only to regret later?
Do you binge on a pizza just to get out of boredom?

If you answer yes to the above questions, you could be an emotional eater.

Emotional eating is when you constantly use food to make yourself feel better- to fill your emotional void, to entertain you or to distract you. Sadly emotional eating doesn't fix emotional problems and only creates more as it adds guilt, blame and shame to your existing overwhelming emotions.

Emotional eating is also the number 1 cause of yo-yo dieting or weight cycling…..a pattern of losing weight, regaining it and dieting again which creates a lot of physical as well as emotional stress.

Since emotional hunger cannot be filled with food, Complete Metabolic Reset helps you to identify the factors causing you to emotionally eat and then helps you break this cycle of emotional eating to ensure lasting fat loss with the support of a 30 day emotional eating journal that helps you get in touch with yourself, identify your emotional triggers and work through them.

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This amazing program will reset your sluggish metabolism, boost your energy levels and make sure you lose fat and not muscle All this while you are eating foods that you love, which also supports your unique body type

Real Results

Carolyn started her weight loss journey with the Complete Metabolic Reset Program

Her inflammation has decreased along with water retention. Her complaints of aches and pains, fatigue, cravings, and afternoon crashes are non existent. Her cellular health indicators are phenomenal.

Weight Loss

Carolynn lost over 19.5 lbs of body weight on the program with targetted fat loss of 13.2 lbs

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Mel's Experience

Disclaimer: Weight loss results can vary depending on the individual and there is no guarantee of specific results.

Manjiri Nadkarni

Over the years I have found that most people who lose weight following restrictive diets or by loading up on protein and packaged foods ; end up gaining all the weight back in a short span of 2-3 years

This temporary weight loss is even more hazardous than not losing any weight as it makes you more nutrient deficient, more toxic and lowers your self esteem

Generic Weight Loss Program vs Complete Metabolic Reset

Generic Weight Loss Program Complete Metabolic Reset Program
Provides a temporary solution to your weight problems Is a permanent lifestyle change where you not only lose body fat but improve your overall health
Usually based on a cookie cutter model with no consideration for the reason for your unique weight gain. Focusses first on identifying the cause of your weight gain- over eating, emotional eating, food addictions, hormonal imbalance, high stress etc
Rely on weighing scale to measure your body weight so you have no idea what you are losing Tracks body composition parameters like body fat, muscle mass, hydration, water retention as well as Basal Metabolic Rate before and after the program
Focus on ‘weight loss’- which could be body fat, but is mostly muscle mass or body water Focus is on ‘fat loss’ while building muscle mass and optimize your hydration and cellular health
Rely heavily on calorie counting Avoids calorie counting while teaching you a system you can use for life
Rely on heavily processed foods- shakes and packaged goods that are calorie restricted but laden with artificial flavours and preservatives Focuses on eating clean whole foods that you love which also improve your overall nutritional status and thus your health
Make you starve your body by restricting calories lowering your metabolism Ensures that you are eating more than your Basal Metabolic Rate which is your bodies minimum calorie expenditure to just function on a day to day basis
Often leads to terrible food cravings for sugar and salt while never feeling satisfied Helps you beat cravings and helps derive satisfaction from the food you eat
Do not provide support for emotional eating- the most common cause of yo yo dieting Provides you with a 30 day emotional eating journal plus simple mindfulness exercises that helps overcome emotional eating
Do not focus on correcting underlying health issues like nutritional deficiencies, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes Focus is on improving your overall health and correcting your underlying health issues.

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An in-depth nutritional assessment to find out the root cause of your weight issues

In-depth Body Assessments to measure your body fat, muscle mass, your Metabolic number

A personalized meal plan designed especially for your unique body type according to your likes and dislikes

30 day Emotional Eating Journal to help you find and eliminate your emotional triggers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Complete Metabolic Reset program in-person or can it be done online?

The program can be done in both ways- in-person and online. The only difference would be body measurements, but Manjiri can help you obtain the numbers through calculations.

How long is this program?

This is a 4 session program and ranges about 6-8 weeks depending on the individuals needs

Does the meal plan take into account my dietary preferences?

Yes, the meal plan can be custom catered to your dietary or lifestyle preferences- vegetarian, vegan, paleo etc.

Do I have to count my calories?

No, you won’t be counting calories as the work has already been done for you. You get charts of portion sizes that tell you exactly what to eat and when to eat.

How soon can I see results?

My clients have found relief in a few weeks into the program. You will notice a difference depending on the severity or your condition and how acute/ chronic your condition is.

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