Are you losing fat, muscle mass or water weight? This is the first and foremost question to ask yourself when on a new weight loss diet or a weight loss program.


Often various diets that promise quick results eg. lose 10 lbs in a month, drop 4 dress sizes in 30 days etc can be really hazardous to your body by making you lose muscle mass or water that are crucial to your health.


My own experience from my early twenties was a rude awakening for me. I went on an extreme low carb diet- I took all the sugars out and almost all the carbs. I lost a ton of weight on the super low carb diet 15 kgs or 30 lbs to be precise in 2 months but also lost the radiance of my skin, the softness of my hair, my cheerful disposition and almost lost my sanity.


I was feeling cold all the time, exhausted all the time, I was losing my thick lustrous hair, my skin was dry, my heels were cracking and I just looked gaunt and sick. I neglected most of my symptoms, as I was happy finally being skinny (believe me it is next to impossible to be skinny if you have a Kapha Body type like me). 


And finally on a one not-so-fine day, I fainted in front of not just a few classmates and my professor but in a room full of patients awaiting their health check-up. This was the most embarrassing event in my life, as at the time being an Ayurvedic doctor in training, I not only failed to follow my own advice, but also could not be a role model for people who were trying to regain their health. 


It took me over 3 months to regain my strength skin radiance and over 6 months to get back my lustrous mane. Thanks to my resilient Kapha body, I could be healthy once again. But what it taught me was never to ever try anything at the expense of my physical and mental health.


So ask yourself do you want to lose Weight or Fat??? These two can seem very similar, but can give you completely different results.


What is Weight loss: We often look at weight loss as the ultimate culmination of our dreams. But hey…your body weight is made up of body fat, muscle, body water, weight of your bones, organs etc. 


Defining Unhealthy Weight Loss:


Most crash diets, fad diets lead to the loss of protein from your body, loss of collagen from your tissues or loss of body water and can be hazardous to your health. These kinds of weight loss are not fat loss, which is the tissue you must  If done wrong it can also mean

  • loss of protein from your muscles which can make you weak, tired, irritable and lower your immunity as well as stamina and endurance

  • loss of collagen from your tissue which can lead to saggy skin, wrinkles, stretch marks and/or

  • loss of body water that can lead to dehydration, headaches, inability to detoxify your body.


Signs You Are Losing Your Muscle Mass & Not Fat:


  1. You are rapidly losing weight
    A loss of 6-7 lbs of weight in a week or two could indicate you are losing muscle mass. Unless targeted fat is not as easy to lose  while muscle loss is common with intense workouts/ extreme diets where protein intake is not maintained.

  1. You feel weak and fatigued
    Fat loss often makes you feel better due to lowered inflammation, but muscle loss makes you feel more tired and fatigued. So if you have been experiencing low energy with your weight loss, chances are what you are losing is muscle mass

  2. You feel sluggish doing everyday activities
    If you feel sluggish and lethargic and cannot sustain daily activities, you are losing muscle mass. Muscle is the tissue responsible for strength and agility and loss of muscle mass will lead to exhaustion.


Signs You Are Losing Water Weight & Not Fat


  1. You are rapidly losing weight
    If you’ve lost 5-7 pounds of weight after just a week of a new diet and/or exercise plan, most of the weight loss is a result of losing water. Fat loss usually occurs at the rate of 1-2 lbs a week unless you are severely obese and change your diet dramatically. Carb reduction helps your body release excess retained water, which works well for someone who is retaining water, but when taken too far, it can lead to dehydration, fatigue and higher toxicity levels

  2. Your Weight Fluctuates Dramatically Day-To-Day
    If you can easily lose and gain 4-5 lbs of weight overnight, you are losing and regaining water weight. It is extremely challenging to lose and gain body fat overnight, so chances are you’re just dealing with fluctuating water weight.

  1. You haven't lost any inches
    If your clothes don't fit you any better or you havent lost any inches that is definitely because of water weight. Fat loss will lead to loss of inches while water loss leads to the same measurements as before.


Healthy Weight Loss:

On the other hand, a healthy weight loss is when you 

  1. Lose fat throughout your body rather than specific areas

  2. Loss of retained water which helps get rid of swelling on your feet and puffiness

  3.  You maintain/ gain muscle mass. Muscle being metabolically active tissue consumes calories even when resting. 

This focussed fat loss can lower your inflammation, increase your stamina and endurance levels, increase cellular health as well as uplift your mood and confidence.


My targeted fat loss program- Complete Metabolic Reset is based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda + modern Holistic Nutrition and my attempt to support women with diverse needs who are aiming to

a. improve their health by getting rid of inflammation

b. embracing a healthy diet and lifestyle by understanding the basic principles of nutrition and stress management 

c. understanding emotional behavior attached to food.


This is for you if you are

1. Struggling to lose weight no matter what you do

2. Tired of gaining weight back after losing it

3. Want to say goodbye to fad diets and yoyo dieting forever

4. Are ready for a permanent change in your diet and lifestyle rather than a temporary solution 



Complete Metabolic Reset (4 session program that ranges from 4-6 weeks) includes

***A 60 minute in-depth nutritional assessment

***3 30 minute Follow-ups

***2 Body composition readings done via Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) that measure your body fat, muscle mass, hydration, water retention as well as cellular health to monitor before and after results

***Personalized Meal Plan specifically catered to your body type

***Emotional Strategy Journal to help identify behaviours, patterns and triggers for emotional eating


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