There weren’t any swings or slides or monkey bars. There was nothing to climb and nowhere to take cover in a game of hide and seek. There wasn’t even any grass, just one lonely henna tree swaying in the warm, humid breeze.

It was a dusty, concrete courtyard surrounded by four stone walls towering over us. Our childhood playground in the heart of Mumbai was meager by western standards, but we loved it. We were children just like any other children anywhere in the world, spending our days playing and running around this barren space.

One hot day, our childhood reverie was interrupted when a pigeon flew directly into one of the walls that flanked us and fell to the ground, bleeding and unable to fly. A restless panic ensued, but I knew exactly what to do.

Acting on instinct and a bit of adrenaline, I grabbed a few leaves from that henna tree and pounded them into a paste with a rock. I approached the injured bird and gingerly rubbed this paste onto its wing. The other children squealed with delight as they watched the bird miraculously fly away.


But I stood there quietly smiling to myself, dreaming of becoming a doctor one day. I was barely 10 yeas old, but I already knew that I was made to be a healer! 

In my teen years, my short stature worried my family, so I was put on a diet they were convinced would magically make me tall. Instead, I gained a tremendous amount of weight that I couldn’t lose no matter what I did. The health problems that came along with obesity suddenly overrode the need to make me taller, and I was promptly taken to a local doctor.

But this was no ordinary doctor-- she didn’t place me on some fad diet, lecture me about eating junk food, or otherwise treat me like a silly, hapless teenager.

Instead, she relied on the ancient science of Ayurveda, delving into my unique composition and recommended specific diet and lifestyle changes that were customized especially for me. The weight came off effortlessly, and all my other health problems melted away.

My fascination with Ayurveda became nearly an obsession, as I dreamed of healing the world, my young, idealistic spirit driving me forward.


A few years later, I spent my days sitting proudly in a classroom at the most prestigious college in Gujarat - The oldest and most authentic university in India- teaching Ayurveda in its purest ancient form, as it was done thousands or years before us, the antique wooden chair felt sturdy under me, even if it was worse for the wear.

I was one of only 15 students selected from all over India in this program, selected out of more than 50,000 applicants and finally realizing my childhood dream of becoming a doctor. I looked around at the 14 other students as the professor lectured us about the importance of not merely treating symptoms, but the whole person-- in mind, body,and spirit.


I was like a sponge, soaking in every word, eager to heal people the same way I healed that pigeon so many years ago. My inquisitive, eager mind soared at the possibilities, dreaming of changing the world.

Meeting the love of my life and getting married took me to the other side of the world, settling in Canada. 

I opened up an Ayurvedic medical practice, bringing to the West my knowledge and experience after working as a doctor in India!

My patients often come to me with the same complaints-- weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and digestive issues so debilitating that their quality of life is severely hindered. While their physical ailments may be similar, every treatment is different because each person has a unique set of requirements to thrive.

My specialty is getting to the root of the individual's problem and healing the person, not merely suppressing the symptoms! 


Sometimes I like to think back to how it all started, in that sparse but joy-filled playground where my insight to heal with the help of a henna tree changed my path forever.

That tree is especially symbolic and meaningful to me, because Ayurveda, while scarcely known in the West, is deeply entwined with yoga-- the two are interconnected branches of the same ancient tree of knowledge that envelops all human life and the universe in its entirety.

As yoga becomes more and more mainstream in the western world, credited with healing individuals both physically and spiritually, Ayurveda is the missing piece of this puzzle.

You are a unique and beautiful person and your body was made to feel good, wake up energized, and fall asleep easily, getting deep, restful sleep.

I’m thrilled that after a lifetime of training and education on top of being born a natural healer, I can change somebody’s life from suffering to exhilaration. Will it be yours?