Spicy Black Beans With Tofu

A warm and spicy dish in which contrasting properties of black beans and tofu are brought together to strike a wonderful balance. The added spices help stimulate digestive secretions and also help the body adapt to the cold weather, serving as a delicious winter recipe.

Tofu is a processed product made from coagulating soy milk. Termed as a superfood by many, it has little saturated fat and tons of protein hence is largely used in vegetarian and vegan dishes as a source of protein. Soy products contain phytoestrogens or plant produced estrogens which act like the hormone oestrogen and may interfere with body hormones if consumed in a large quantity. Consumption of soy in moderate quantities is seen to be beneficial to women in the menopausal age; however excess tofu for both men and women in all age groups is to be avoided. Also while buying Tofu, once has to make sure that it is non GMO and organic