Roasted Carrot Soup

Fall is Vata season!
This is the time when nature transforms from the warm and colourful beauty of the summer, to prepare for cool and white winter. Fall season is dry, windy, cool, turbulent; which are also the very qualities of Vata dosha, hence following the Ayurvedic principle of like increases like; Fall is the season of Vata dominance or simply Fall is Vata season!
The most common signs and symptoms people notice due to Vata dominance in fall are feeling spacey or scattered, lowered digestion, cold hands and feet and joint aches and pains. 
My favourite recipe to combat all the above symptoms that are so common in fall, is to have a warm and nourishing 'roasted carrot soup'. This is my 'go to soup' for the season, which will boost your digestion, help you feel grounded, satiated and nourished.  This delicious soup balances your Vata and makes sure you get rid of constipation, feeling scattered and spacey and gain lots of energy!

What's your go-to soup to chill your bones this fall? I would love to know!