Ease into Fall with Anti Inflammatory Chai

Yay! We are officially into fall. Yesterdays fall equinox, signifies the end of summer and the beginning of this gorgeous colourful season.

Living in Canada, fall is my favourite season for 3 main reasons; the first being you can experience the beauty, and brilliance of nature at its best with fall colours, the second reason is the weather is just perfect....not too hot nor too cold ; and the third reason being you don't need to make any excuses for drinking warm spiced chai, in fact you can finally drink it all day long :)
For many of you Fall may mean lots of sneezing and sniffling with pollen in the air. You may be suffering from allergic rhinitis, hay fever or even prone to the cold and flu viruses around us, but there is still hope!

Ayurvedic medicine believes in protecting your body against the forces of the nature, by balancing your doshas according to different seasons. It advocates the use of certain natural herbs and spices in each season to ensure that you stay healthy and grounded.  

Anti-inflammatory chai is Vata Kapha balancing, and regular consumption of this wonderful beverage can keep your Vata in check in the Fall season when it is aggravated both in nature and our bodies. It also serves as a warm Spring tonic where it helps balance the aggravated Kapha. This warm delicious chai protects your body by supporting your immune system and preventing it from overreacting. And if you are a chai lover like me, nothing can beat the taste of this delicious golden chai.


Anti-inflammatory chai protects you from colds and flus, aids your digestive system and also provides benefit against joint aches and pains that are prevalent during fall season. 

Are you a Chai lover like me? What's your favourite Chai recipe?

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