After the popularity of Atkins diet, Keto diet has taken the world by a storm. It is the most popular low carbohydrate diet that I see in my practice for beginners starting their weight loss journey. I am often approached by clients for a keto diet plan or keto diet recipes. But as all other diets Keto is not for everyone and let me explain you why with the case study.

Case study:
A 23 year old saw me yesterday for BIA who had been working out at the gym 5-6 times a week for 7 months and had been following a keto diet for about 4 months losing over 30 lbs in the process.

She talked about how good she felt on the Keto diet, her energy was much better and also had lesser cravings.

In her BIA I found out that she had 27% muscle mass. Now for someone in her 20’s who has been working out for 7 months I want to see at least 30-35% muscle on the body. So even though she was working out in the gym her doing weight training, her body want building muscle mass as it should have.

Muscle is the the metabolically active tissue which burns calories even at resting. Having muscles doesn’t make you bulky (women athletes who train to build muscles work their butts off in the gym so the chances of you looking like a body builder without trying are negative)

Having more muscles helps you manage your weight long term and also ensures that your immune system stays equally strong. Muscles also help build stamina and strength and serve as reservoirs of amino acids that are released to repair your body when in crisis.

  • For those trying Keto please understand that it is not meant to help you build muscles and is also not very sustainable in the long term as you can lose out on a lot of minerals and other food nutrients.

While, Keto can show fantastic results in neurological conditions and in some people in weight loss, it is not a long term solution for most.

  • If you have lower muscle mass, are struggling with recurring infections that indicate a lowered immune system, have a sluggish digestion or issues digesting fat, feeling physically exhausted, Keto is NOT FOR YOU.

If you want to lose Targeted Fat and monitor your fat mass, muscle mass, hydration, my Signature Fat loss program- Complete Metabolic Reset can support you target stubborn fat.

It is based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda + modern Holistic Nutrition and my attempt to support women with diverse needs who are aiming to
a. improve their health by getting rid of inflammation
b. embracing a healthy diet and lifestyle by understanding the basic principles of nutrition and stress management
c. understanding emotional behavior attached to food.

Complete Metabolic Reset (4 session program that ranges from 4-6 weeks) includes
***An in-depth nutritional assessment
***3 Follow-ups
***2 BIA readings that measure your body fat, muscle mass, hydration, water retention as well as cellular health
***Personalized Meal Plan
*** Emotional Strategy Journal to eliminate emotional eating

Feel free to pm me to set up your 15 minute Free Consultation by clicking the link below.