mindful eating

Mindfulness is a state of being present. It is when your attention is in tune with your actions.

People love talking about being mindful and present, when it comes to their feelings, their emotions, their spirituality; but what about food?

>>>Food is the most intimate, anyone can ever get with you. Literally, food touches you on all levels- physical, mental, emotional as well spiritual!

>>>Your physical body is entirely made of food and hence in Yoga it is referred to as 'Annamaya Kosha' the sheath formed of (Anna or Food)

>>>Ayurveda highlights the importance of proper nutrition, considering food as one of the three pillars that your life is based on.

>>>Eating on the go/ grabbing quick snacks in between work or eating when your focused on something else are responsible for not only mindless eating, but cravings due to lack of satisfaction.

>>>If your body doesn't even register that you are eating, how do you expect it to secrete enzymes and aid digestion? This is also the no.1 cause of indigestion and food allergies.

5 Rules to Mindful Eating

1. Set aside some time from your daily schedule to feed and nourish your body.

2. Eat at fixed times, that trains your body to secrete enzymes properly and helps digestion

3. Eat to nourish not only your body, but mind and soul. This means eating the foods you love, and are excited about. Don't focus on eating foods that don't appeal to you no matter how good people say they are for you.

4. Eat by involving all your senses, the taste, the vibrant colors on your plate, the touch and texture, the aroma and the sound of food all play a huge role in nourishing your body as well as mind.

5. Center yourself and perform a little prayer before you eat, asking the food to create health in your body and not disease.

I follow all of the above 5 rules of mindful eating. What about you?