I am sure you have heard, man is made in the image of God or the Universe for that matter. But have you ever thought of the zillion resemblances we have with nature?

The same five elements aka 'Panchamahabhuta' in Ayurveda make up the entire universe and also create the human body. Most people know about Ayurvedic 'Doshas', but do you know that the three doshas are formed of the five elements. The five elements are Akash (Ether/Space), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Ap (Water) and Prithvi (Earth).


The element Akash/ Ether, when in the universe, is seen as the vast space that holds the planets and the stars, in our bodies the same element can be understood as various hollows of the body- that skull cavity that accommodates your brain or the abdominal cavity that holds various organs.

The element Vayu/ Air when in the universe or nature is seen as the wind, the one that gives the movement for planets, comets etc, whereas in the body Air is seen as the one that fills your lungs, that which gives movement to all processes in your body and also the gas that you are so uncomfortably bloated with.

The element Agni/Fire in the universe represents the sun and the stars, in our body, it is seen as the digestive fire that burns your food, and your eyes that light up your world.

The element Ap/Water is seen in nature as the oceans, rivers, and seas and in your body as various fluids- saliva, blood, plasma etc.

The element Prithvi/ Earth in the universe is seen as the dense planets, in your body, it is seen as the denser parts like bones, nails, and hair.

These five elements not only make your body but also the doshas and thus balancing the five elements is the key to balancing your body. If even a single element goes out of balance, it creates disharmony leading to ill health.

So to help you balance your Five Elements, I am hosting a free 5 element challenge series. 

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