Can you ever paint walls without stripping the old paint off? No way, because you know the end product is going to be patchy, unclean and totally messy. While the fresh paint can make your walls the look brighter but the cakey old paint that still lingers on dampens not only the effect you want to achieve but also the makes your efforts go waste and totally useless.

The same holds true for your body. I see so many people try to incorporate different nutrients and supplements to their current diet without really taking the time to clean themselves of poor diet and lifestyle habits. So many people take up doing affirmations and meditation without really decluttering their minds, which makes their efforts seem not good enough when in reality they are doing the same …..painting an old wall without stripping the old paint off.

So how do you strip the old paint and reset your system.......BY CLEANSING. According to Ayurveda, it is far more essential to cleanse in Spring, the season of new beginnings, hope and renewal, where you have to let go of the old physical, emotional baggage to embrace the new. 

Spring Cleaning your body serves as a great opportunity to maintain harmony within your body when the changes in your internal and external environment can make you fall prey to allergies, colds, flu as well as sinus issues due to natural Kapha dominance in nature. Cleansing also helps to move past the sluggishness, procrastination, and funk of the Kapha energy that is predominant during this time.


***It helps balance Kapha in your body, which is aggravated during this season and can cause allergies, sinusitis, colds and coughs etc.

***It helps your body release the built up toxins and inflammation.

***It helps enhance your digestion, absorption as well as assimilation of nutrients.

***It helps fasten your healing process. 

***It can aid weight loss as well as get rid of puffiness and bloating.

***It helps you get rid of the Kapha sluggishness and procrastination.

***It helps you achieve a radiant skin.

To make cleansing easy peasy for you, I have especially designed a 3 Day Ayurvedic Cleanse that

>>> Works not only for your body, but your mind and spirit.

>>> Is easy to follow and gentle on your system.

>>> Can be easily made to fit into your busy lifestyle

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