It is crazy cold here in Sarnia, not just today but all week. Well, the Polar Vortex dip is truly testing everyone's mettle with this bone-chilling cold and this weeks temperature forecast of -20 degree C is a cause for concern for even the bravest winter lovers.  

As most of you know Canadian winter is almost synonymous with dry skin and brittle hair, but wait we have there is Ayurveda to rescue.

The time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda can help you stay healthy throughout the year no matter how extreme the weather conditions get. And one such simple but highly effective food-medicines is 'ghee'. Ghee is simply clarified butter or butter gone through the process of being heated at low temperature along with skimming off the milk solids. This renders the ghee a potent fat that is digested well and effectively utilized by the body.


Ghee can be used both internally as well as externally and here are 5 easy ways it can help you have amazing hair and skin even in the winter season.

1. Ghee relieves constipation

Did you know that your bowel fuction has a direct impact on your skin. When you are constipated you end up absorbing the toxins that were supposed to be let out through your bowels creating more acne and breakouts. Something as simple as adding 1 tsp of ghee in warm water at bedtime can help relieve constipation. Ghee when added to warm water is also digested and absorbed well and can help lubricate your insides as well as your skin.

2. Face pack:

Adding a little bit of ghee to your  face mask can help your skin smooth and moist. Dabbing some ghee on dry and rough skin patches can help you get rid of them instantaneously.

3. Chapped lips

Move over chapsticks, ghee is the best solution for dry chapped lips. Plus it is the cleanest natural product you can try and ingest too.

4. Cracked feet

Massaging your feet each night with liquefied warm ghee can help heal your cracked feet. Ensure that you have washed and dried your feet well before the ghee massage. 

5 Cuticle cream 

Ghee is seriously the best cuticle cream ever. Ghee can moisturize and soften dry cuticles. You would have never tried a better cuticle cream.

These are 5 ways I use ghee on a daily basis in winter, as a part of my winter beauty regimen.

How about you? Have you used ghee before?