Why Weightloss is a Misnomer + Client Result in 6 weeks

One of my biggest Nutritional Pet Peeves is 'Weight loss'. Everybody wants to lose weight, but do you know that body weight consists of body fat, body muscle, water as well as the weight of your bones, tendons etc.

Often when people visit me with the goal of losing 10 lbs as fast as they can, I suggest 'Chop off your right arm...that's the instant way to lose 10 lbs'.

Most people don’t realize but you can lose weight in the most unhealthiest ways. Eg.

  1. You ate something that led to watery diarrhoea and you could lose 2-3 lbs on the scale.

  2. Restricted diets that call for zero carb can make you lose a lot of muscle mass as well, creating a saggy skin, dry brittle hair, fatigue and mood swings. Will you be happy with this weight loss?

  3. Poor quality packaged protein shakes and packaged food plans that claim to lose weight make you more toxic, less energized, can cause permanent damage to your organs like kidneys and more often the weight lost on the programs is often gained back once you stop using the products.

The Common Factor In the Above Three Examples is that while weight loss occurs, it is mostly muscle loss and dehydration which are both harmful to the body. This weight loss can lead to more inflammation in the body, make you more tired and grumpy.

My targeted fat loss program- Complete Metabolic Reset is based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda + modern Holistic Nutrition and my attempt to support women with diverse needs who are aiming to
a. improve their health by getting rid of inflammation
b. embracing a healthy diet and lifestyle by understanding the basic principles of nutrition and stress management 
c. understanding emotional behavior attached to food.

Complete Metabolic Reset (4 session program that ranges from 4-6 weeks) includes
***An in-depth nutritional assessment
***3 Follow-ups
***2 BIA readings that measure your body fat, muscle mass, hydration, water retention as well as cellular health
***Personalized Meal Plan
***Emotional Strategy Journal

Carolynn started her weight loss journey with me on April 24th 2019. 

  • In 6 weeks she dropped 14.4 lbs + lost 10.2 lbs of fat. 

  • In 9 weeks (today) she dropped 5 more lbs + 3 lbs of body fat. 

  • Her inflammation has decreased along with water retention and cellular health indicators are phenomenal.



DAY 45 13.2 lbs of FAT LOSS

DAY 45 13.2 lbs of FAT LOSS