Ayurveda (Ayu= life, Veda= science or knowledge), literally means the science or knowledge of life and healthy living.

Ayurveda originated over five thousand years ago in Indian subcontinent and was regarded as a way of optimizing one's health through time tested principles. This ancient wisdom is eternal and can be applied to any place, any time and thus the principles of Ayurveda stand true in all places, for all ages and at all times. 

Ayurveda believes that each person is unique physically, mentally, emotionally as well as biochemically. To understand your uniqueness each consultation beings with assessment of your unique Dosha type type also known as Body Constitution Analysis. This is your unique blueprint that assists you in understanding your physical, emotional and psychological characteristics which can help predict your susceptibility to various ailments. The Body Constitution Analysis thus plays an important role in prevention and treatment of various health conditions.


What many people don't realize is that Ayurveda is a oldest known medical system in the world that focuses on prevention of a disease and maintaining health in a healthy individual as well as correcting several disorders you may be suffering from. Most people incorporate Ayurveda in their life as a tool to balance their health and stay healthy, but Ayurveda does have a lot of healing modalities like use of dietary changes, herbs, supplements and various therapies.

Ayurveda is a complete science with a unique system of diagnostic tools to detect any imbalances you have. It then strives to healing your body-mind and soul by treating the root cause of the condition you are suffering from, rather than just eliminating symptoms to ensure there is no recurrence or relapse.


Ayurvedic Doctors are trained through a 5 1/2 year intensive training in countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and are registered with the medical council of the country and also the state they practice in.

Ayurvedic Practitioners on the other hand due to lack of regulations in different countries can have diverse profiles depending on their training, but the trainings are usually not as intensive when compare BAMS degree.


There is no school offering a medical degree in Ayurveda in Canada*.

In India, Ayurvedic Doctors are trained in colleges offering Integrated Ayurveda under differing Universities teaching Health Sciences. The program for obtaining your Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) is a full time 5 and 1/2 year program. This ensures that you complete 3 Academic years of Professional trainings for a 1 1/2 years (3 semesters each year) and a 1 year long internship at various hospitals. The course curriculum follows the pattern of 8 hours/day, 6 days/week and 4 weeks/month of the whole calendar year.

After an intense 5 and 1/2 year training your are registered as a full fledged medical practitioner with the State Medical Council in India.

Many practitioners opt for further specializations as Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda (MD(Ayu)) which is typically 3 more academic years. After MD (Ayu) you can further your study by enrolling in for Doctor of Philosophy in Ayurveda (PhD Ayu)

*Please note Ayurvedic Doctors are not licensed medical practitioners in Canada and do not fall under provincial or federal regulation.


  Vd.Manjiri Nadkarni performing Ayurvedic pulse reading in her clinic

Vd.Manjiri Nadkarni performing Ayurvedic pulse reading in her clinic

  • An Ayurvedic consultation with me is typically 90 minutes and includes additional use of Ayurvedic diagnostic methods like Dosha typing, pulse reading etc in addition to detailed analysis of your present complaints, current health status and wellness goals.

  • Based on these you receive your Personalized Wellness Plan consisting of dietary and lifestyle advice, herb, supplement and/or detox recommendations (if necessary) to get you started on your healing journey.

Ayurvedic medicine can help you achieve your health goals focussing on your unique individual needs. We can work to gether to develop a plan that fits in perfectly with your health goals, diet and lifestyle.

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